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Class Action Attorney in Los Angeles

More than 10 million people live in Los Angeles County. Many more commute to Los Angeles jobs from homes in neighboring counties. Add visitors and the fact that Los Angeles is the major transportation hub on the West Coast, and it’s easy to understand why everyone complains about the traffic.

Unfortunately, all that traffic results in accidents. The Cooper Law Firm helps Los Angeles residents, commuters, and visitors recover compensation when they are injured in collisions or in other Los Angeles County accidents.

The Los Angeles economy generates more revenue than some nations. That’s good for Los Angeles businesses, but not all businesses obey laws that protect their employees. When Los Angeles workers are victimized by employers who discriminate against them or fail to pay them the wages they have earned , The Cooper Law Firm fights to help them achieve justice. 

Los Angeles consumers also experience injustice when banks assess fees that are excessive or unlawful. Data breaches, deceptive advertising, credit report errors, and other consumer law violations plague Los Angeles residents. The Cooper Law Firm uses class action litigation to help consumers fight for their rights.

Los Angeles Landmarks

The City of Angels is the home of the American entertainment industry. Hollywood produces films and television shows, while recording artists come to Los Angeles to make their music. Tourists are drawn to the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but they might see real stars strolling down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, shopping at Brentwood Country Mart, hanging out at Hotel Bel Air, or enjoying the nightlife on Sunset Boulevard.

Tourists also flock to Universal Studios Hollywood, a film studio and theme park in the San Fernando Valley. Sightseers looking for a more sedate experience can discover what life was like during the Ice Age by visiting the La Brea Tar Pits.

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most recognizable architecture, including the Chinese Theatre, the Capitol Records building, and the Getty Center. Sports fans enjoy watching Lakers games at the Staples Center or taking in a baseball game at historic Dodger Stadium.

Breathtaking views from Mulholland Drive compete with the magnificent views from Griffith Observatory. Surfers and beach lovers have plenty of options in Los Angeles County, but Surfrider Beach in Malibu and Santa Monica Beach are perennial favorites. The most interesting people watching is found at Venice Beach, although visitors may need to dodge skaters on roller blades when they stroll down Ocean Front Walk.

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

Employment Attorney Los Angeles

The tourism industry is a large source of employment for Los Angeles workers, but many other employers also keep the local economy moving. When employers do not treat their employees as well as the law requires, The Cooper Law Firm's employment lawyers help employees find justice.

The failure to pay earned overtime is a growing problem in Los Angeles County. Employers require their employees to work off the clock, or they misclassify employees as exempt or as independent contractors in order to avoid paying overtime wages. Commissioned salespersons who work at the employer’s premises are often cheated out of overtime and minimum wage by employers who do not apply the exemption standards correctly in each pay period.

Other wage and hour violations include the failure to pay wages immediately when an employee is terminated, nonpayment of employees for travel or “on duty” time, and the failure to provide employees with the rest breaks and meal periods that are required by California law.

Employment discrimination and workplace harassment are always problems in Los Angeles. The employment lawyers at The Cooper Law Firm help employees seek justice when they are victimized because of their race, gender, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, age, or religion, among other classes that are protected by California law. We also assist employees who asked for, and were refused, a reasonable accommodation of their disability.

Whistleblowers, employees who were fired for refusing to break the law, and other victims of a wrongful termination can also turn to The Cooper Law Firm for help. We represent Los Angeles employees who were fired for reasons that are illegal or contrary to public policy.

Los Angeles Consumer Class Action Lawyers

Los Angeles Consumer Class Action Lawyer

Large corporations take advantage of consumers. When corporations fail to safeguard personal information, data breaches expose consumers to financial fraud and identity theft. Yet many data breaches are never reported to consumers until it is too late for consumers to protect themselves.

Mistaken credit reports also threaten financial security. Unwarranted or excessive credit card fees and bank charges make it difficult to break even each month. Debt collector harassment is annoying, particularly when the debt is no longer owed.

The Cooper Law Firm's consumer class action attorneys help Los Angeles consumers fight back against corporations. By joining together in class action lawsuits, consumers can force corporations to obey the law. In addition to cases involving data breaches, credit reporting errors, debt collection and unlawful bank and credit card charges, we often recommend a class action to address deceptive advertising and product labeling, as well as violations of telemarketing laws.

The Cooper Law Firm forces corporations to put people ahead of profits. Los Angeles consumers who have been victimized by corporate misbehavior can learn more about potential remedies by contacting an attorney at a premiere Southern California consumer class action law firm.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

Los Angeles personal injury lawyer

Accidents happen to people who are living in, commuting to, or visiting Los Angeles. Accident injuries often have a life-changing impact on victims of careless behavior.

The accident lawyers at The Cooper Law Firm help individuals obtain compensation for injuries caused by:

  • Car, motorcycle, and truck collisions
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Falls from slips or trips caused by unsafe property conditions
  • Defective products

The injury lawyers at The Cooper Law Firm are dedicated to helping Los Angeles accident victims obtain full compensation for their losses. We also help family members recover wrongful death compensation when negligent acts lead to the loss of a loved one.