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San Diego class actions

San Diego is a great place to live or to visit. Unfortunately, visitors are sometimes injured by the careless acts of another during their vacation. San Diego residents need a personal injury attorney when they are harmed by another person’s negligence. Visitors and residents alike find satisfaction when the turn to The Cooper Law Firm to help them win compensation for injuries caused by San Diego accidents or defective products. San Diego consumers may feel cheated by deceptive advertising and by unwarranted bank charges. 

San Diego employees sometimes find themselves in need of an attorney when their employers fail to pay the wages they have earned. Employment discrimination and harassment victims also turn to The Cooper Law Firm to help them obtain relief from unlawful employment practices. In many cases, The Cooper Law Firm recommends class action litigation as the best means of solving problems that affect a large number of consumers and employees. Data breaches, false labeling, and misclassification of employees as exempt or as independent contractors are among the situations in which class action relief often provides the best remedy.

Life in San Diego

Tourists associate San Diego with Sea World and the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. San Diego residents and workers also enjoy those attractions, as well as Balboa Park, the USS Midway Museum, Birch Aquarium, and Belmont Park. With 70 miles of coastline, San Diego offers too many spectacular beaches to name them all. Local favorites include Mission Beach, Coronado Beach, and La Jolla Shores. Commonly known as "the Strand," Pacific Beach is the area’s most popular (and crowded) beach, in part because of the shops and restaurants that border its north end. Visitors at La Jolla Cove have almost as much fun as the seals and sea lions that play on the rocks. From whale watching cruises to pub crawls, from shopping at Seaport Village to taking a stroll in Point Loma, visitors to San Diego are never bored. Visitors compete with residents for tables at the diverse restaurants in Hillcrest, Little Italy, and Mission Hills. After enjoying a gorgeous beach sunset, residents and tourists alike enjoy the nightlife in a city that comes alive after dark. The young and beautiful mix with the aging and chubby in a variety of dance clubs in the Gaslamp Quarter. For the more sedate, it’s easy to find live music, sports bars, and elegant cocktail bars in Del Mar and the downtown area.

San Diego Employment Class Action Lawyers

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Employees in San Diego are not always treated as well as the law requires. Unpaid overtime plagues Southern California employees. Employers usually avoid paying earned overtime by misclassifying employees as exempt or as independent contractors. The Cooper Law Firm helps employees recover unpaid overtime and other unpaid wages, as well as compensation for other wage violations, including:

  • Requiring employees to work off the clock
  • Failing to pay required minimum wage to commissioned salespersons in every pay period, whether or not they are classified as exempt
  • Failing to provide a paid rest break in after an employee has worked more than 3-1/2 hours (and a second rest period after 6 hours)
  • Failing to provide an unpaid meal period to hourly employees who work at least five hours
  • Failing to pay nonexempt employees for travel time or “on duty” time
  • Failing to pay wages immediately when an employee is terminated or quits

The Cooper Law Firm also helps employees who were subjected to employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and harassment based on race or national origin. In addition, we assist victims of age and disability discrimination, including employees who asked for, and were refused, a reasonable accommodation of their disability. San Diego employees who have been wrongfully discharged can also seek help from the Cooper Law Firm. We represent whistleblowers and other employees whose termination was unlawful or contrary to public policy.

San Diego Consumer Class Action Lawyers

San Diego class action attorneys

San Diego residents typically have little ability to stand up to banks and financial institutions that subject them to unlawful charges, including unwarranted or excessive overdraft and credit card fees. In many cases, class action litigation is the best way for consumers to obtain relief. Residents of San Diego are increasingly targeted for identity theft and financial fraud as a result of data breaches. In many cases, corporations fail to properly notify consumers of the breach and then fail to help consumers protect their vulnerable information. The Cooper Law Firm helps San Diego consumers work together by using class action lawsuits to remedy injustice. We often recommend a consumer class action as the most effective way to address:

  • Data breaches
  • Excessive bank charges
  • Unlawful credit card fees
  • False or deceptive advertising
  • False or deceptive product labels
  • Credit reporting violations
  • Unlawful debt collection practices
  • Violations of telemarketing laws

Class action lawsuits allow consumers to work together to achieve justice. While the cost of pursuing a single violation might be prohibitive, the ability of consumers to join together gives them strength in numbers as they pursue remedies for the unlawful practices of banks and corporations.

Injury Assistance

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Everyone who lives in or visits San Diego should stay safe. Don't drink and drive, watch out for pedestrians, and try not to create a slipping hazard by spilling your drink on the dance floor. Unfortunately, not everyone can exercise perfect care at all times. When visitors and residents are injured due to the negligence of another person or business, they turn to The Cooper Law Firm for help. The accident lawyers at The Cooper Law Firm can help individuals obtain compensation for injuries caused by:

  • Car crashes
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Collisions with trucks
  • Slipping on wet floors or other dangerous property conditions
  • Tripping over obstacles or hazards on business premises
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products

We also help family members recover wrongful death compensation when negligent acts lead to the loss of a loved one. The injury lawyers at The Cooper Law firm are dedicated to helping accident victims obtain compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, the cost of injury rehabilitation and of coping with disabilities, and their pain and suffering. In wrongful death cases, we help families recover the earnings the deceased would have contributed to the family as well as compensation for the lost love and companionship the deceased would have provided.

San Diego Case Evaluations

The Cooper Law Firm is a premiere Southern California consumer class action law firm. Feel free to contact us about any consumer violation. You may be able to pursue a remedy not just for yourself, but for other consumers who have suffered a similar harm.