Sprouts Farmers Market Employee Data Breach Lawsuit

sprouts farmers market class action lawsuit

Are you a current or former Sprouts Farmers Market employee? You may have been harmed by the recent data breach that resulted in the release of over 21,000 Sprouts employees’ W-2 forms.

The Cooper Law Firm has been appointed as Liaison Counsel and is on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the Sprouts Farmers Market employee data breach class action lawsuit filed by employees who have been affected by the breach. 

Employers have a responsibility to protect the sensitive data entrusted to them by their employees. When they fail to do so, they can be held accountable for their failure to protect their employees’ data by being ordered to pay compensation to the affected employees.

How The Breach Occurred 

The data breach occurred when Sprouts negligently released over 21,000 Form W-2’s and their related information as part of a successful “phishing scam.” “Phishing scams” are scams in which impersonators portray themselves to be something they are not to trick people and businesses into providing their sensitive and valuable information.

Sprouts provided their employees’ information after it was requested during the course of a “phishing scam.” The information is now in the possession of unknown third parties who are believed to be using the information for illegal purposes.

How Employees Are Affected

The information stolen is commonly used by scammers to obtain illegal funds and make fraudulent charges. Sprout employees whose data was provided during the scam may be negatively affected in several ways.

One common way that scam artists use W-2 information to make a profit is through fraudulent tax return filings. In 2013 alone, the IRS estimated that over 5 million tax returns were filed using identities that were stolen, resulting in a total of $30 billion in fraudulent refunds .

Fraudulent tax return filings can cause a lot of problems for victims. It can take years for the IRS to figure out who the true scam artist is, often identifying the victim as a criminal until the fraud is uncovered.

What You Can Do 

If you are a former or current employee of Sprouts, your data may be in the possession of third parties who are believed to be using the information for illegal purposes. If so, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the damages you’ve been forced to sustain.

If you would like to know what you can do to protect your identity and seek compensation for any damages you may have suffered, contact our firm today to receive a free case evaluation and find out what your options are. We provide all of our services on a contingent no win, no fee basis. So, if your case is not won, you don’t pay.